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A Post Dedicated to Pie. A Designer’s Dream Timer.

I didn’t even need it. There are apps that do it. But it’s simple. As simple as it can get. But nothing does it better.

This thing. This object. This design. This is design.

And I can’t stop looking at it.

When it’s inactive, you wouldn’t really know what it is. It’s an empty circle, with its canvas colored. About 3 cm in height. But when you play with it… when you play with it, that’s when it makes sense. When you rotate it clockwise:





Up to 60. That’s when the full canvas suddenly turns into a clock. Release it at some point in the clock and then it starts ticking.

It’s a timer. A freaking *timer*. It appeared in my life at some moment when I didn’t expect to be amazed by a timer.

And now this thing inspired me to design stuff with the same straightforwardness.

The video doesn’t do it justice. You can buy it here on Amazon. Dutchies can go here on