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The Case Of Ending A Video With Nothing

I’ve been watching a lot of Kickstarter videos lately. Most videos on Kickstarter aren’t made by video professionals and thus, suffer from basic mistakes that aren’t seen as important enough; simply overseen in the first place. But even some professional videos suffer as well.

It’s the act of fading-to-black at the end that annoys me the most.

When you’re putting up a Kickstarter page, the whole purpose is to sell your product. You’ll want to take every chance to market your product, so you’re investing time in creating a nice video as well. You’ll explain it, show it off, you’ll thank everyone for watching, and perhaps ask your viewers to back your project. Then, you fade to black. The video is over, your message is said.

Now, imagine you’re airing your video on TV. Every second of airtime costs you roughly $ 20,000. You’ll want to make use of every frame to spread your message, right? So why would you waste expensive airtime to end your video by fading-to-black? You wouldn’t waste expensive full-page advertising space in a newspaper either.

This is exactly what I’m getting at.

Unless your visitor is using a browser with Flash enabled, when a video is done on the Internet it just sits there, taking up 640 × 360 pixels of valuable space.

Just be aware of taking those last few frames to show your message, because it’s just a waste of beautiful space if you don’t.